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You’re speaking to a promotional communication Expert from the PMKDO society and you want to know how they can help you.

First of all, it is important to remember that an object, item of clothing or personalised accessory can be a powerful tool when promoting your brand.

Our Mission

100% merci

Have you ever stopped in front on a billboard to thank the advertiser for posting their ad ? Are you the kind of person who turns up the radio when adverts are playing and says ‘merci’ to the brand broadcasting their commercial? And what about TV adverts – do you carry on watching or do you get up and go ?

You’ve just figured out that promotional merchandise is the only form of communication that you give. The only one that rewards you with a ‘merci’. It seems like the Holy Grail, right ? Take a seat and we’ll tell you more…


What is it ?

What company can compile an entire magazine, create its own training programme, visit trade fairs across the world to suss out the latest trends and find exclusive products, all on its own ? It’s the principle of mutualisation which allows the Experts chosen by PMKDO to enjoy unique market benefits. The power of the group lies in differentiation and anticipation. You, as clients of our Experts, get a head start on your competitors.

If you wanted to be like everyone else, you wouldn’t be reading this page. Differentiation is the ability to understand what you can offer and to convert it into a long-term strategy to make yourself stand out from the crowd. This approach and ability to create a unique image for yourself comes from the working with a uniquely skilled Expert via the PMKDO mutualisation society. That’s differentiation for you.

Only our PMKDO Experts can offer a range of products, concepts and brands for you to choose from. This makes it very unlikely that you will end up gifting the same promotional merchandise as your competitor or contemporaries. This exclusivity also creates differentiation in communication. Unusual objects have the power to surprise and delight those who receive them. The Experts in the PMKDO society represent about 2.5% of the market. This means that our selection of Experts is not only exclusive – it is also elite.

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