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If you’re looking for feedback from your customers and partners, you can’t expect a ‘merci’ from the TV, radio or a magazine ad. On the other hand, gifting them an item of clothing emblazoned with your brand logo and colours constitutes a real symbol of your relationship and will ensure confirmation of delivery: you’ll achieve that elusive ‘merci’. 100% Merci is the result of carefully chosen communication and a proudly proffered gift. A true measure of success! Are you ready to try a different approach to your marketing budget? PMKDO’s experts are here to help.

100% Merci is also a training programme !

Aim for 100% Merci in your next campaign ! 100% Merci is an original concept created by PMKDO for its Experts. 100% Merci is also a training programme designed for marketing and communication teams in any company looking to discover the power of personalised objects and promotional items of clothing. This isn’t a new invention; it’s one of the most complex concepts in the communication world. Understanding promotional communication will help you optimise your campaign alongside an Expert. The object constitutes a present : it is passed from one person to another and used on a daily basis. Touchable, easy to love, useful, it is a tangible item that brings enjoyment and utility to the receiver. To ignore it would be a grave communication error. The 100% Merci training programme will help you understand the concept so you can use it in the most effective way possible.


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