We are the spur
that intensifies content,
concepts, savoir-faire
and soft skills.

The Society

PMKDO is a Society. Gathering the resellers and manufacturers-suppliers of the promotional market. Being a member of the Society drives you different, better and enhanced.

Our miscellany

Agency, Society, Studio, Coach, since we can’t be put in a box, discover what we do through our miscellany. From A to Z.

From A to C


We are taking charge of the thought based on business brief and particular needs. From content to graphic design we are here to develop concepts and distinction. Technology is put at the creation’s service.


Your brand is not just a logo.

The brand must have a strategic positioning and must evoke something and to get talked about. The essence of our activity is organized to reply to this.


Canvassing is not to sell anything!

Because when we canvass for new customers, we don’t place any order, what would it be if we don’t explore with the good method or the good tools? Double penalty, loss of time and no business. We create tools and concepts so this canvass is profitable, fast and productive.


The concept is to know how to sell the same things as the others but differently.

We develop the “differently” by creating atmosphere, scenery, the how-to and the entrepreneurial logic to make their clients’ eyes sparkle.


Today, content is everything. But it cannot be anything.

If writing could be done in the twinkling of an eye, we wouldn’t talk of content anymore. Writing comes from experience, culture and words. We juggle with these worlds to be the inspiration that each member will add to its DNA.


Never stop learning because life never stop teaching.

However it’s better to be trained by a Datadock approved organization. This is why we are certified.

From C to E


Alchemy of all the market’s players is not a coincidence.

The cohesion and synergy are the result of the best’s casting, mutualization and specialization, exclusivity and investment of every member. No other organization has known how to maintain this strength so far.


Netflix got it all !

Exclusiveness creates frustration that creates purchase. Exclusiveness creates desire that creates purchase. Exclusiveness creates a "me-too" that creates purchase. We create exclusiveness to create purchases.

Low Signals

Looking for the particles to accelerate.

Be sensitive enough to feel and detect the emerging movements and the future uses. Gathering them to bring them to its own community. This is the intelligence source.


Elle Deco, Evo, The Good Life, National Geographic…

Because the magazine is read again and again then shared, its impact goes beyond catalogs or classic presentations. Because it symbolizes expertise and professionalism, it’s convincing and reassuring. Because we enjoy the writing’s and subject’s freedom, we create magazines.

From M to S


We’re stronger together.

Alone, a man could never have built the Chinese wall, but alone, a man can walk or run on it if he wants. It’s by mutualizing time, strengths and skills that a Society becomes strong. Each one implements its soul and DNA inside.


Publishing is making thoughts materialize.

To know about our contents, we like to publish ourselves. Books, magazines, training supports, off-print, special issue are part of our library.


Networks where we exchange business cards are no interest for us.

We speak of Society because we put in the best conditions the one that work together to optimize their business, market and so their results. Only the numerus clausus is the guarantee of its stability and elitism.


Future is specialization.

Let’s create it. What makes a beer different from another? Its origin, history, ad, fans, logo, container, ambassadors, just itself, you. It’s the same thing for a company. Our job is to create this gap.


If design could talk, it would tell us that we are nothing without it.

Everything is graphic, from logo to selfie, from website to augmented reality, not forgetting branding.

Study Trips

When we always breathe the same air, we end up suffocating.

How many entrepreneurs take some time to look around them at what others are doing in other businesses, other countries or with other goals? Not much because loss of time is harrowing when it should be considered as time saving when its used in a good way. CES at Las Vegas, Show in Hong-Kong, factory visits in China are major to create tomorrow.

From S to W

Style office

When looking for style is horizontal.

Because of the style interdependence, we stride along the hallways and backstage of numerous events: Maison&Objets, Fashion Week, Design Biennale, GIMS, Hong Kong or Shenzhen Fairtrade. So that we can chase trends that we render in the professional and marketing sphere.

Training & Coaching

Which champion could have ever win someday without training? Which champion could have ever win without a coach?

We look for them in locker-rooms to bring them up to the podium with our own methods. Soft skills to magnify the know-how.

Web App Store

If Apple didn’t have any Store, everyone would be bored on its smartphone.

Have a nice device but not knowing how to use it is a shame. All our tools and realization must be accessible at any time by everyone. The PMKDO store is the bible, the supermarket, the lung to which all members have access so they can find their tools, advantages and conditions in a click.

I am PMKDO, I am smart, I can do anything !